It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.


i scanned in Streetlight Manifestos album art for “Somewhere in the between” and made some seamless repeat patterns, if anyone wants the tiles for any reason - as they’re not technically of my design - just pm me.


‘No-ears’ The best cat at the Mann Cat Sanctuary

This ones gonna die, she has cancer in both her ears, but you can donate here:

(wasn’t meant to take photos but i didn’t realise)

Sleepy cat, and the indoor mini garden.

Sleepy cat, and the indoor mini garden.



Shower head that turns water rainbow colors


Bath tiles that change color according to heat


Don’t take a shower if you’re on any kind of hallucinatory drugs ;)

No it means do shower when you’re on hallucinatory drugs, it would be the most profoundly beautiful shower of your whole life. 

you mean hallucinogenic, and yeah, it probably would be.

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This song is beautiful.

Morning, world.

Morning, world.